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Woof Creek Gut + Digestion Support | Essential Pre/Probiotic + Post-biotic Meal Topper for Dogs

Woof Creek Gut + Digestion Support | Essential Pre/Probiotic + Post-biotic Meal Topper for Dogs

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Essential Gut + Digestion Support balances & bolsters the gut microbiome, GI-tract & total digestive system. Vital for all dogs as a wellness regimen. Pivotal remedy dosage for: frequent gas, bad breath, acid reflux, irregular stool (constipation to diarrhea), anal gland issues, frequent vomiting, & more. Total system regulation with: species-specific healthy gut microbiota cultured directly from wolves & dogs; anti-oxidant organic superfoods and inflammatory medicinal mushrooms. Our proprietary blend of premium, natural, wholly bioavailable (+aromatic & flavorful!) ingredients offer real prevention + remedy support for your fur baby.

  • Proprietary Wolf & Dog Derived Probiotic Cultures: Pre-and-probiotic microbiota & post-biotic metabolites inhibit pathogen growth/life, promote gut-wall strengthening, regulate/protect whole digestive system; 870 Million CFU/scoop. Species-Specific Strains: lacticaseibacillus casei K9-1;  limosilactobacillus fermentum K9-2; levilactobacillus brevis WF-1B; enterococcus faecium WF-3.
    • Our probiotics have been isolated from healthy dogs (K9) and wolves (WF) and thoroughly assessed to ensure they exhibit the following characteristics:

      • Free of antibiotic resistance genes as well as virulence genes.
      • Ability to survive in and throughout the GI tract.
      • Able to adhere to the intestinal cell lining.
      • Produce Postbiotic Metabolites that strengthen the animal’s gut epithelial barrier.
      • Exhibit immunological protection to the host through the regulation, stimulation, and modulation of immune responses.
    • Functional Mushroom Blend: Chaga and shitake medicinal mushrooms super-boost the immune system and reduce intestinal inflammation.
      • Organic Superfoods: Regenerative antioxidants: noni fruit, alfalfa (also prebiotic), and pumpkin seed (also anti-parasitic & ultra-balancing fiber) all contribute to optimal digestive function.

      Pup Parents will simply add powder to 1 meal/day; it can be added to wet or dry dog food. There are 100+ scoops per tin; Dosage is based on dog's weight. 

      Directions for Use

      0-25 lbs up to 1 level scoop
      25-50 lbs up to 2 level scoops
      50-75 lbs

      up to 3 level scoops


      • Use Full dose for Remedy Support: Use Half dose for Prevention Support.
      • 100+ scoops per tin: 1-3 month supply for remedy support / 3-6 month supply for proactive support.
      • You can mix powder w/filtered water, sodium-free broth, or  Omega-3 oil to make a delicious gravy, or even add to egg, Greek yogurt, kefir, or clean-ingredient peanut butter! Woof Creek's pups, Lily & Layla, like their toppers as-is, but every pup is different!
      • Start w/half of daily dose and gradually increase over 3-5 days.

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