About Me

My name is Sue Giannosa and I am the founder and owner of Diamond’s Natural Store, LLC

My journey with animals started when I was very young. I was that kid who played and sat by the pets in a friend’s house. The pets always seemed drawn to me for some reason, and I loved it.

As an adult I married and raised two children and owned many dogs, raised cockatiel birds, owned lizards and chickens

Friends and family always call me for advice about their pets or to see if I agreed with their vets. It has always amazed me what I know but I have never known how I know the things I know. Even to this day I do not know.

In 2008 when our family found Diamond (read Diamond’s Story), I realized that she was a special dog and yes, a very special soul. She and I had a bond that I had never experienced before and knew she was here for a reason, but I didn’t know why until her diagnosis of Metastasized Rectal Adenocarcinoma in December of 2016.

 In 2017 I stopped Diamond’s chemo and went natural and holistic with her cancer. That is when I realized why Diamond was here with me – to change my way of thinking and healing. I researched and met many people on Facebook who aided me on my journey to learning and thinking outside the box of conventional medicine for Diamond.

I first started selling Diamond’s Bone Broth and people and their pets loved it, but I knew I wanted to help others with more than just the bone broth. I could see what I wanted to do I just had to take that leap and trust myself. So, in 2022 I opened Diamond’s Natural Store, LLC. It will have products I used for Diamond and the products I have learned about since Diamond’s death in 2019. My goal is to help other pet parents with sick pets and to assist pet parents with keeping their healthy pet healthy as long as possible.

My email is always open to anyone who needs help or who just has a question. You can email me at diamondsbonebroth@gmail.com.


Sue Giannosa