It all started early morning of August 25, 2008. My dogs were barking and I looked outside and there was a dog walking up and back on the sidewalk. I went outside but the dog ran from me. I went back in for a treat and a leash and came out to her sitting on my porch. My neighbor came out and told me that he had seen a car at 4:30am stop in front of my house and then take off. It wasn’t till it became light out that he had noticed a dog walking on the side walk and he put two and two together.

I didn’t know what kind of dog or male or female. All I seen was a severely matted, smelly dog. So much hair I was guessing the dog weighed 30 pounds.

Once she spent a few hours at the groomer it came to light that the dog was a she and that she weighed about 12 pounds. I could see all her ribs and her tail bone. I thought what a diamond in the rough and so her name became Diamond. I brought her home and she immediately became friends with our two other dogs.

She immediately bonded with me and followed me everywhere at home and slept with us, close enough she had to touch me

She quickly became the Queen in our home and the boss of the two boys. She would just walk up to our big boy Shamus who was 110 pounds and take a toy or a bone right out of his mouth.

Diamond and Lucky, our Beagle mix quickly became bonded and best friends and today are still best friends.

In December of 2016 when Diamond was having her anal glands expressed the girl felt and found a tumor. A few days later at the Oncologist office I was told that my baby girl had Metastasized Rectal Adenocarcinoma, meaning that she had a tumor in her rectum and that it had metastasized to a lymph node and had 3-6 months to live. Needless to say, I was devastated.

The next week was one of the worst weeks of my life. I didn’t want to lose my girl but I just couldn’t just do nothing. I opted to do the chemotherapy and started the week of Christmas.

Diamond handled the chemo better then myself but after 5 treatments the lymph node and turmor hadn’t shrunk. The next step was oral chemo that I agreed to. One pill and my girl was miserable. She was so sick I couldn’t see her doing this for weeks so I stopped all treatment and again was devastated that I was going to lose my girl.

I spent a few days wandering in a fog and doing research on google for holistic ways to treat cancer. Then I was on Facebook and I seen a group called “Homemade Hope Holistic healing for Dogs” and I joined.

This group and the admin Nanette helped me realize that dog food was feeding Diamonds cancer and well, this group and Nanette saved Diamonds life.

I took diamond off dog food and began my journey of feeding raw, detoxing, fasting. But it’s not just about feeding raw it’s about the supplements and vitamins and a green juice recipe from the group and of course Diamond’s Bone Broth.

I began to make bone broth right away and after so many months of perfecting it I wanted to share Diamond’s favorite part of her meals.


This journey of holistic treatment with Diamond has been one crazy ride but I wouldn’t change a minute of the ride. She is on Month 29 as of May of 2019, when I was told 3-6 months.

I don’t know how much longer Diamond will be with me but what I do know is, is that she has lived the past 11 years in our home loved and spoiled and yes when she does have to leave me, I will be devastated again. But I will also know that I did absolutely everything in my power to help her on this journey.

I always say ‘things happen for a reason” I really do believe this. My girl Diamond came to me by no chance, there was a reason why she was left in front of my house.

She was to teach me about love and healing in a way I never would have found if it wasn’t for her. She will always be a special soul in my eyes.



I want every dog and cat to enjoy the taste and all of the nutrients in bone broth.

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